Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wedding Bells

Big News.....I haven't written anything since the beginning of the summer and here is why...We had the best summer ever!! We went on several vacations, worked in the garden and got engaged!!
Yes, it has been super crazy. I don't really have much time to write
either because I still have to focus on school. Anyway, Chris and I are getting
married on November 14th. In less than two months actually.
Planning is going surprisingly well and is actually pretty fun. I know
sometimes we just can't wait for the honeymoon because the wedding thing
can get pretty stressful at times. So, I will try to be good about updating

this blog while I juggle life, school and getting married. I am so excited and happy to be engaged to Chris. He is just a doll. I could go on and on about all of his wonderful qualities but if you know him you already know. I am a lucky girl!!

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