Friday, May 22, 2009

Growing and changing

Well here is our new garden!! We are SO excited, maybe a little obsessed. Last year we did vegetables in pots but this year Chris built the raised-bed garden. We have: tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, squash, basil, cucumber, okra and cantelope. Everything is growing beautifully but we do have some intruders...birds and bunnies we think. In an attempt to ward off the hungry animals we installed a little fence but last night figured out that the bunnies can probably jump over it. We also planted about 50 lily, iris and rose plants around our front yard. We are not sure that they will all live (especially because the dogs LOVE running through flower beds) but we are hoping some of them will since they came from Chris' grandmother's yard. Right now we are both staying busy with work and school. I finished my spring semester and my residency study but had to go right into a 3-week Maymester class which ends June 3rd with a 30 page paper. What is keeping us going right now is our big vacation. We are flying to Siesta Key, Florida and staying on the beach for a whole week! No car, no laptops, no work, no plans. We are hoping to rent bicycles and get around the island for shopping, water sports, dining, etc. While we will miss our dogs (and our garden), our neighbors across the street are going to take care of everything for us so we can enjoy some peace and quiet. I have loved the white sandy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico since I was a little girl and visited Panama City each year. Hopefully we will have good weather but even if we don't, we decided we will have a great vacation just hanging out with each other. I will post plenty of pictures when we get back!!

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